Інтэрв'ю гурта Follia Primordiale Zine

Parlateci di questo progetto Folk Lutavierje…

Lutavierje is a Belarusian pagan folk metal band from Minsk, formed in 2006. The main idea of our band is to save rich folk spiritual heritage of our ancestors and to demonstrate it's beauty to the whole world as well as to Belarusian people. We widely use authentic Belarusian melodies in our music, ancient spells and legends, such instruments as bagpipe, pipes, violin; some guitar solo parties sound like bagpipe. At the same time we invest part of our souls into songs complementing them with our own melodies and lyrics.

Si prega di parlare in maniera dettagliata dei testi da voi trattati e anche di ogni singola canzone presente in Песні Налітых Хмараў?

Let’s start with the first song on the album – “From beneath the Latyr Stone”. It’s based on Belarusian folk song “From beneath the White Stone”, which tells about a girl, who’s waiting her fiancée home. That’s rather famous song in Belarus.

“Oath” is one of four songs from our album where lyrics is in Russian. There comes alive the world of mythic Rus, its’ beginning, formation of Rosich trabe in their struggle for a life. The theme of fighting of Slavic tribes with nomads is taken from the wonderful book “The Initial Rus” of Valentin Ivanov.

“In the Wild Field” was inspired by the “perl of ancient Slavic literature” “The Song of Igor’s Camping”. The rapid march of the Slavic warriors and their proud Prince towards the Wild Field, the battles, honesty and glory – that’s what the song is about.

“Oh, Ice-Cold Sea” is a story about fearsome warriors, attracted with the rich treasures of Gardariki (that means ‘country of towns’). It is a song in viking-metal style, but with the view from the side opposing Vikings.

“Vyales” tells about one more hero from “The Song of Igor’s Camping” – about Vseslav Enchanter, the Prince of Polotsk. His appereance is taken from the legend, which says that Vseslav was marked by gods and that this mark was always hidden from people with ribbon. In the song Vseslav is talking to Vyales, god of miracles and another world.

“Spring” is combined of the music of Belarusian folk song “Oh, in the Forest in the Wood” and our own words on the similarity of vesnyanka, the song, which calls spring.

“Rye was ripening” - according to the belief of Belarusians, stems of grain tied together had life-giving, productive force, symbolized wealth and prosperity. The first sheaf had got a special status…

“Ros” is a continuation of the theme began in the song “Oath”; it’s also about spring, love and birth of a new life.

“Give, Yaryla!” is based on an authentic Belarusian song, connected with Yurya, a holiday when a ceremony dedicated to the first pasture of cattle in the field was held. Believed that Yaryla (that’s after-Christian name of Slavonic patron of fertility) unlocked the heaven and dropped dew on the grass, what meant blossoming of spring.

Esiste una scena prettamente Folk o NeoFolk della vostra amata patria Biellorussia…

There are many choirs that sing folk songs in authentic manner. By the way, Belarus is one of the richest countries among Slavs which has saved such a big amount of folk songs and rites.

Neofolk bands are also presented in a considerable number, to take at least a group Unia, where one of the female vocalists took part in the recording of our song “Give, Yaryla!”.

Hard scene is weight too, there are many young bands. From all of them I want to mention Gods Tower, one of the founders of Slavonic pagan-metal, and Symon-Muzyka, the project of musicians from Dialectic Soul, who made a wonderful cycle of songs based on the poem of classic of Belarusian literature Yakub Kolas.

Per te la musica Folk che significato possiede? e un qualcosa di patriottico o altro?(quando dico patriottico non intendo politicamente parlando)…

Folk music is a soul of nation, at the same time it is people’s roots and future, native landscapes, family and friends, memories that warm you, a dream that follows you forward to new victories. Who hasn’t heard voices of the earth, voices of your nation, is a stranger in this world. The answer to your question is that folk music for us is ourselves, our lives.

Qual è il vostro primo diktat quando avete deciso di formare la band?

We were led by traditions of our people, we wanted to sail on the waves of the centuries following the tunes of love and longing, of birth and death. We were identifying our place in this world!

Curioso il disegno della vostra copertina…ti va di parlarcene?

Album Cover graphics is done in minimalistic style with dominating of white color. The symbols of this album are the world, spring and birth. Cover design was invented and done by me. The booklet contains translations of our texts into English, so that more people all over the world could understand the sense of our songs.

Siete approdati all’etichetta Sound Age Productions.Come avete deciso di collaborare con loro e perché?

Sound Age is a leading label in the East Europe, which releases groups of folk-pagan direction. As soon as the first material had been done we offered it to the Sound Age Productions and just happened that we arranged at once, so that we didn’t look for someone else.

Avete gia dei brani pronti per il secondo full e sapete gia se volete farlo uscire per la stessa etichetta?

The second album is going to appear much sooner than first one did. Songs are almost ready and we are preparing to recording. The album will be named Songs of Raging Winds. As for label we can’t say anything definite now. Just a few days later we are presenting a new single. Everyone will be able to listen to it on our website!