Lutavierje is a Belarusian pagan folk metal band from Minsk, formed in 2006. Had many perfomances in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. In 2007 the band recorded EP Ros. In 2010 it was released through the Bulgarian label A.F.M. Production with Werewolf Promotion as a split with the band Yar.

In 2009 the band had begin working on their full-lengh album, which was ended only in 2012 because of numerous changes amond members of the band. The album Songs of Poured Clouds has been released on December 21, 2012 through the label Sound Age Productions.

In the spring of 2013 the band releases single Lilije, based on the same name ballad by Adam Mitskevich. As from that time band starts to work on the second full-size album, which is planning to release in autumn-winter of 2016.



Band members:

Tatsiana Maliauka — vocals, violin

Aliaksei Maliauka — vocals, bass

Aliaksei Rysukhin — guitar

Zmitser Kuks — pipes

Zmitser Bely - drums

Touring members:

Alyaksandr Harokh — drums (Ros, demo, 2010)

Alyaksandra Shaiko — authentic Belarusian vocals (The Songs of Poured Clouds, 2012)

Valiancina Marchinskaja — cimbalo (Wild Hunting, 2016)

Aliaxandar Kliuchnikau — acoustic guitar (Wild Hunting, 2016)

Former members:

Tatsiana Harokh — vocals (Ros, demo, 2010)

Siarhei Buzo — vocals (Lilije, single, 2013)

Artur Martynau - drums (The Songs of Poured Clouds, 2012; Lilije, single, 2013; Wild Hunting, 2016)